03 April 2012

On Roofing and Shingles

We're nearly done with shingling the roof. It is very difficult work to be at an angle, leaning down, and nailing each piece into place.  The pitch of this roof is a bit  higher than our last, and that also means it is steeper and  a bit more daunting.

To begin, we put white metal drip edge along every edge of the roof.  Then, a starter strip is applied which helps to adhere the first row of shingles.

It is a slow process of individually nailing each 40" shingle into place.  It gets trickier as you reach the valleys of each gable.  Each angle is woven together, and then you still need to match the entire roof once you get above the valley.  It takes a lot of patience and measuring.

There are also gable vents which have to be installed to help cool the attic space.

Although it's been too windy to shingle some days, the weather has become warmer, and the fields are starting to green up, which we welcome.

These photos were taken of our progress from Saturday.  We worked hard all day yesterday (sorry, no pics) and hope to finish the roof the evening.

The final step is applying the ridge cap.  We take 3 tab shingles, and cut them into individual pieces and apply them linearly down each ridge.  My arms are sore from cutting yesterday, but not as sore as Mr. Pickup has been as the primary installer!  He is a rock and my hero.  Seriously.

Today is our electrical inspection.  Once that is passed, we'll be able to insulate the house and have the dry wall installed.  Hooray!

To see the entire house saga, you can see my round-up page HERE.

7 happy thoughts:

Amy C said...

It looks like its all coming along nicely. I'm so glad you are sharing your home building experience with us! I enjoy hearing about it.

Melissa said...

Wow!! Moving right along - soon you will be painting!! :)

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

Good news, Chris! It's looking great :)

Heidi Wilcox said...

Amazing! I'm sure you are getting so excited to see if finished:)

Michele Pacey said...

Oh you must be finished the roof by now. I'm quite late getting to this post. What a big and tricky job. It looks like you guys have it all under control. How awesome... Eep, I'm getting excited for the drywall!

Tasha said...

It just keeps coming together. I love seeing all the progress. So exciting!

Stephanie said...

Both you guys Rick in my book. That is such a hard job! You guys blow me away. It's so fun to watch the progress and know you guys are the ones doing a lot of the work, unheard of these days. I commend you for doing t that s or sure.

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