17 April 2012

Adding Extra Coverage with Lace

Dolly is growing at a much greater rate than her sister did. She's already wearing clothes that Sis did in preschool. Last year when we were living near a mall, I found a darling dress for Dolly on clearance, and snatched it up for this winter.

She wore it maybe 3 times, and we realized it was getting too short!

What's a mom to do?  Pull out some eyelet lace, and go to work.  I cut two pieces of lace that matched the length of the front and back, and then sewed them together on my sewing machine.

Then, I hand stitched the lace in place with a small blanket stitch.  That way, it would be easy to remove if not desired by the next little girl who gets to wear this dress.  Personally, I think it's the perfect touch for a dress with snowflakes on it.

It worked so well, I thought it might help me with a "coverage" problem of my own.  I'd bought a white t-shirt cami to wear under sweaters, but it never fit quite right, and showed more decolletage than I felt comfortable with.  So, today I pulled out the left over piece of lace and went to work.

I used the same small blanket stitch, and then realized that the front of the cami needed to be sewn to the lace, too.

I just used a small blind hem stitch...all by hand.

Same thing to hold the lace onto the straps.  It took me about 30 minutes...and what a difference.  Sorry, no before photos.  G rated blog.  :)

Ah, much better.  And just to keep everything "real", here's one of my outtakes when Dolly found me upstairs.

Please note, the piles of laundry, the gut I didn't get sucked in...and the dirty mirror.  I cannot wait to have my own room, and real closets to keep everything tidy!

So, what have you been up to lately?

7 happy thoughts:

Tiffany said...

I do love when something simple yet brilliant comes to mind and actually works.

Impera_Magna said...

What great ideas! Good on you...

And, when you're building a house, who has time to spend on current digs???


Melissa said...

I've used lace on dresses that were to short but fit in every other way (which is very common for both my girls). Great Moms and all that.

You look so very pretty in green - I could never pull it off (unless it has lots of blue and is more mossy or spruce colored).

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

I have been doing this with my younger daughter's dresses too. Whenever eyelet is on sale, I pick up a few yards. She almost likes them better with the extra lace! The blanket stitch is such a great idea, your stitching is perfect.

Michele Pacey said...

We're cut from the same cloth. Very modest. So I like this idea of extra coverage. Totally works for me!!!

Debra said...

I love this! Adds the perfect amount and the perfect touch!

Alli said...

This would also work to lengthen sleeves that are not quite long enough anymore. or on the edges of tee shirts just cut too short. I LOVE eyelet on little girls

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