08 March 2011

We've been painting

Sorry to leave you guys hanging...the big announcement will have to be postponed one week.  My husband decided we needed to paint our house.  Since this is a rare occurrence, everything else took a back seat.   We've painted in three bedrooms, in the hallway, and two bathrooms.  I'm kinda sick of painting, and never thought I'd say that.

I'm still touching up a few projects, but here are a couple that are finished:
First up, our girls' room.
Celeste's scallop painting was my inspiration.
However, I couldn't get her method to work for me.  So, I made a template with boxes in our recycle bin (now you know what kinds of snacks I give my kids).

{Yeah, I'm cool like that.  Inside I taped a paint stirring stick to keep it stable}

I traced the pattern on the wall.  Each scallop is 18" from the top of the wall to the end point. I just matched up the circle portion half way.
I got my trusty tools ready.  I've had my Shur-Line tool since we built our last house.  I LOVE it.  Just don't get any paint in the little wheels.  I also used my small roller and a 1.5" angled brush.

The painting took a steady hand.

Then, I used the Shur-Line to "cut in" from the ceiling, and I blended everything with the roller.

After two coats of paint, I was really happy with the results:

I love how the scallops work with the window.  Now to think of a cool window valance or something that compliments.  The wall quilt was made by my mama several years ago.  Isn't it gorgeous?

We also painted stripes in the boys' room (remember I took down the wall paper border HERE):
Best advice...paint the taped lines with the wall color first, then cover everything with your accent color.

I'll show you the bathroom transformation next post...and just wait, I have something really fun for you guys this weekend!

We can actually hang pictures in the boys' room, now.  My to do list just keeps growing!

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14 happy thoughts:

Erin said...

chris i LOVE LOVE LOVE this! it looks so awesome.

celeste said...

LOVE it. aren't scallops so happy?

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

Chris, this looks amazing! I LOVE the scallops and can't wait to see your boy's room too!

Emily said...

Such a darling & creative idea! Love it!!!

Varga Györgyi said...

How lovely! Great idea and very pretty painting results. Congrats for your new room.

Unknown said...

I agree. The scallops are so soft and pretty. We have to paint too! Thanks for the little shove of inspiration, Chris!

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

I LOVE the scallops, Chris. It makes me want to go add them to my daughters' bedrooms right now! Adorable!

Melissa said...

The scallops are very nice - not too formal and very pretty.

Love the quilt we get a peek at.

Unknown said...

These are lovely! It adds some great interest to the walls.

Unknown said...

Looking good. I really love the scallops, Chris!

Tiffany said...

like everyone else, the scallops came out great. i think ur color choice had something to do with it:)

Angela @ Cottage Magpie said...

I love the scallops! And that creamy paint is the greatest color. Have you shared what it is? I'm really hunting for a creamy color like that for my baby girl's room!

chris said...

@Angela (Cottage Magpie)The paint is Valspar Antique White from Lowes. It even comes premixed.

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Great job, your scallops are perfect. This so whimsical! love, love!

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