16 February 2011

Car Seat Cover for my niece

So after mentioning  a project that had been difficult to complete a few weeks ago, I wanted to show you how things turned out.  Let me preface by saying, I've never stuck myself with pins more than I did with this! 

My niece has a Roundabout carseat, and needed a new cover.  My sister-in-law asked if I would make a new one for Christmas.  I explained I couldn't get it done for Christmas, but I'd get it done as soon as possible.  I found a pattern through etsy.  (The seller was a sweetheart!).   The outer fabric is Moda Sanae twill.  I found it through ebay, thinking I'd use it for the curtains in my bedroom.  This was much better!  The contrast is some Joel Dewberry fabric.  The back is a thrifted sheet. 

A couple things I did differently that I recommend if you ever make a car seat cover.  First, add interfacing to the areas where you will be making button holes for the straps.  This reinforces the area and helps keep things looking a little more professional.

Second, I added fusible fleece to the seat area for some extra padding and also the reinforce those strap areas.

The one drawback to the pattern for me, was that all the seams were exposed on the back.  I covered them all with bias tape.  If I ever make another one, I'll be enlarging the pattern pieces along the center seams to allow for french seams. 

It turned out fine.  It was just a lot of pieces, a lot of pricked fingers, and having to make some adjustments on the pattern that I hadn't accounted for.  It will be heading down to my niece shortly.  Hopefully it will last until she's ready for a booster seat.

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8 happy thoughts:

Impera_Magna said...

Wow... you did a beautiful job! Love the fabric and the workmanship is excellent.

I've never met a pattern to which I didn't make some changes... *lol*

Hi, I'm Hannah. said...

Oh man, looks like quite a project! I love it though...you must really like your niece!:)

Lei said...

Oh my goodness! That looks amazing!

Denise said...

Love this! Very creative!

Extreme Personal Measures

Diana said...

You are one nice aunt! It looks so great.

Heidi Wilcox said...

You are AMAZING!!! We love it!!!

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

Gorgeous fabric, Chris. Great idea using fusible fleece. Looks great!

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I want you for my children's auntie!!! This is gorgeous, Chris. If we have another baby, I'd love to try and make a carseat cover. Our covers are rather dated now.

I really like your taped seams. It makes it all look so fancy-schmancy. Nice!


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