02 November 2010

Fairy Wings

With the craziness of moving, I tried to keep the costumes simple this year.  My oldest boy was a construction worker, little boy a vampire using a costume my mom made for my little brother twenty years ago.  My girls wanted to be fairy princesses.

In order to make this as simple as possible, I only had to make wings, and accessories for my baby.  My older girl's dress was my flower girl dress in 1982 when my aunt was married.  My mom made the dress, and her matching matron of honor dress, out of peachy pink taffeta.  My aunt was married in February, and I wore the dress for Halloween the following October with a crown and wand my mom made...hence my inspiration.  :) 

I had to hem up the ruffle so it wouldn't drag on the ground, and I was in awe of my mom's amazing sewing skills.  Taffeta is not fun to sew on, and unravels easily.  Her seams were amazing. 

Baby's dress was my older daughter's Cinderella dress from Halloween five years ago.  I  made it from a fun aqua brocade from one of my mom's college formals.  I used a pattern as a guide, and eyelet lace because that's what I had back then.  My husband was a senior in college at the time.

The crown and wand my older girl have were from a Pottery Barn fairy princess dress-up set we were given several years ago.   I  made a wand and crown for Baby to coordinate, and I'll share the tutorials for those later this week.  I thought they'd be fun dress up accessories for a little girl's Christmas gift.

To make the wings, I used these tutorials I found as a guide:

Fairy Wing Tutorial from Modern Magical
Fairy Wing Tutorial from Mommy Blessings
After I had already made mine, Kalleen posted these fabulous wings, which I actually like better:
At Second Street Irridescent Fairy Wings

So here are the wings I made for my girls.

Total cost for two sets of wings, $5, including the hangers, dollar store posies, panty hose, and pearls.

 My girls loved trying them out.  

My favorite part of Halloween is the dressing up.  It's such a great way to acquire more dress-up clothes for pretend play throughout the year!

What's been your favorite Halloween costume?

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13 happy thoughts:

Stephanie said...

Those turned out so cute! I don't think a kid's costume has to be over the top in order for them enjoy the fun of trick or treating. I am sure they had a blast.

celeste said...

great job, chris! the '80s formal kills me. and you are right about everything getting lots more use in future pretend play. i don't mind putting a little time/effort/$ into making their costumes (pieces of them at least) when i know the kids will want to wear them over and over again.

Design Esquire said...

They all look great! I love that photo of them all together too. So cute.

wannabee free said...

I would have never thought to make my own wings. Those are adorable. Great job!

Tasha said...

Oh, I love those. They turned out fabulous! Your girls sure look like they are loving them too :)

Tiffany said...

the added pearls to the wings, is very clever! luv them.

chris said...

Thanks for all your kind comments. Our kids had a great time dressing up, and it was fun to keep it simple this year.

Jacqueline {Wingledings} said...

You kids are adorable!! What cute costumes, too! Nice work!! Thanks for visiting me over at Wingledings, I'm so glad you liked my Candy Corn Tree :-)

Unknown said...

I love that she is wearing your vintage flower girl dress- Awesome! Thanks so much for linking up... your family is super cute!

Unknown said...

An adorable way to reuse the formal dresses that tend to sit in closets and collect dust until they're no longer cool. Man, the 80s wedding/prom fashion was just bad all around. Ha! I LOVE those fairy wings. Pretty and simple = my cuppa tea. Your children are so cute. As for your question, my favorite costume was my oldest son's mummy costume. It was the first one that I made and his little brother wore it this year. I cried. Of course. :) Coincidentally, my oldest was a vampire this year and wore the costume that his grandmother made for my husband when he was a boy.

MJ said...

I love those costumes!!! The pink dress especially as it is poofy which I love :) How funny how your vampire boy tries to sneak out of the picture ;) My favourite costume I think was my Corpse Bride dress as it was the only wedding dress I will probably ever wear! LOL

Kalleen at Second Street said...

Chris, I think your wings are beautiful. I actually tried to do the panty hose thing and it didn't work. The hose pulled to tight and I lost the shape I wanted. That's when I had to come up with another solution. It's nice to know it can really be done.

I love costumes on Halloween, I don't think I could tire of looking at them. I especially love it when they are pieced from things we already have.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the instructions on making wings. I've been wanting to make some wings for my dog but didn't know how. I'm sure she'll be thrilled. LOL

I love how you recycled old things for new memories. All your kids look so cute in their costumes. Just proves you don't need to spend a lot of money to have a great holiday.

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