25 October 2010

Wallpaper removal tips

Our boys got the bigger bedroom.  We did this so that they could have separate beds (instead of bunks), and because it had a smaller closet (my girls got the walk-in closet).

The only negative for my older boy was that there was a very juvenile wall paper boarder in place.  Little boy actually liked the border, but mom didn't, so it was time to remove it!

I searched for DIY methods of wall paper removal, and found this page most helpful.  I thought I'd share what I learned, in case you want to remove wall paper for something better in the future.

You'll need a few tools:

For a drop cloth, I used an old vinyl table cloth.  It was perfect.  Plus, you can reuse it.  I mixed up a 50/50 solution of water and fabric softener in the spray  bottle.

Step one.  After placing your drop cloth, lightly spray the wall paper with your solution.  Then, slip your putty knife under the paper and remove the top layer.  

Step two.  After removing the top layer, soak the gluey layer down well.  Wipe up the drips as you go.  Slip your putty knife under the second layer, and carefully remove the paper.  

Step three.  Go back a second time with your knife to make sure all the backing is removed. 

Step four.  Wash the walls with an all-purpose cleaner and microfiber towel to remove any residue.  I use this recipe to make my own cleaner.  Works like a charm.

The results:  

Oh, the possibilities!  I'm thinking of doing something like this in the future: 

image via Home and Harmony
What do you think?

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8 happy thoughts:

Stephanie said...

Now you have a blank slate! I love your inspiration picture, that would look really good for your boys. Thanks for the sharing how to remove the wallpaper, those tips always come in handy.

Tasha said...

Go you! I love starting from scratch. Love all your simple recipes for getting the wallpaper off too. I need to go help my Mom get some of hers off. Love your idea for the feature too. That would look awesome.

Melissa said...

I can see where the border would be too juvenile.

urban craft said...

wallpaper removal - never fun work but such an accomplishment when you are done. At least it wasn't the whole entire wall.
Been there.

Lei said...

I think that would look awesome!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Must feel good to have it all off - I'm so glad we don't have any wall paper!

Jill said...

I'm definitely going to need these instructions in the future. My boyfriend's kitchen is covered in wall paper. i'm dying to rip it down, but he's not ready to re-do the kitchen yet. There's layers of the stuff. Part of it has fallen down and you can see more underneath! AND the second layer doesn't look old enough based on the age of the house, so I'm guessing there's at least one more!!

Rachel Beran said...

Good tips, thanks!

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