29 October 2010

Follow-up Friday and the witching hour.

We've had a busy morning.

I really need to finish hemming a costume, folding laundry, and washing more piles, but first came preschool.

We made these fun witches, inspired by the witch my older girl made in preschool three years ago.

All you need is some craft paper, a scrap of fabric for the body, red hots, yarn/string, and an egg carton.  Plus a handy glue gun, and scissors. 

I took photos as we went, but I don't have time for a tutorial today.  Here is a quick template if you want to make one.  Just click on the picture, and set up your printing for full page.

Some of you guessed...I made a new cake stand.  My first one was given as a wedding present before we moved.  I made this yummy cake with my grandparents here, and missed having a cake stand.  I'm so happy to have a new one!  Bonus, I actually received an identical set of four little bowls like we found as a wedding gift (still in the box!), so now I have a set; six bowls and a cake stand (all for under $5.)

My baby found good use for the pillowcases.  Maybe someday they'll be more than a sleeping bag.

One last thing to share.  I finally got out of the rock I was living under and discovered Mindy Gledhill.  You need to hear this song if you are a mama.  Love it.


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3 happy thoughts:

Nat said...

Mindy Gledhill is amazing! I just discovered her, too. Such a lovely voice. :-)

wannabee free said...

Great idea! Did you just super glue or hot glue the cake stand pieces? I love vintage sheets too. I got a few from my grandma and they are sooo soft!
As for extra sheets, I saw a cute 'rag rug' idea online and want to make one someday.

chris said...

The cake stand is glued with E6000 glue. I love it because it is washable and dries clear.

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