10 July 2010

Tip of a different sort

Haven't this week's Sewing 101 posts been great?  I am learning great tips right along with all of you.

I'm still sewing away, de-junking and streamlining our household, and enjoying our children and garden.  When all the decorating and painting is done I'll show off in August, but today I had to show you a trick I wish I'd thought of years ago...the BEST way to make crepes...ever.  Period.  

When we've had a busy day, sometimes we celebrate by having breakfast for dinner.  My husband and kids especially like crepes.  I've always mixed them up by hand, and the batter is always a teeny bit lumpy.  Enter my new and improved method.

We have an OLD vitamix blender that my grandma gave me, which we use for smoothies and shakes, but I never use the spout.  It's a pain to clean.  The other night when I looked at it, I realized the spout would be perfect for doling out the right amount of batter for crepes.  Bonus, mixing the batter in the vitamix would eliminate the lumps.  Hooray!

Nope, no lumps.
So, I used that spout to add batter to the pan...sorry for the shaky photo.  It was really hard to take a picture while holding the blender!

There you go!  The perfect way to make yummy crepes.  Now just serve them up with your favorite fruits and a dollup of whipped cream.  A perfect dinner at the end of a crazy day.

Okay, I'm hungry now.

Here's the recipe (adapted from BHG Cookbook)
3 eggs
2.25 c. milk
1.5 c. all purpose flour
1.5 tablespoons cooking oil
0.5 teaspoon salt
Makes about 20.  

Throw all together in your blender, blend away, and then pour about 1/4-1/3 cup at a time onto a hot skillet to cook.  Lift up the skillet tilt around to spread the batter evenly.  Cook until batter looks matte, and then flip and cook for 30 seconds on other side.  Serve with cut up fruit, jam, or even sprinkle lemon juice with powdered sugar.  YUM.

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Unknown said...

I LOVE crepes! Thanks so much for this recipe. I will have to give it a try.

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