18 April 2010

Thank you, Jen

Jen at Sewin' Mama gave me an award this morning. She even said I was a "diva"...which really shocked me. I feel so far from anything like that! But, I am grateful she thinks I have fun ideas, and that so many of you have joined me for this adventure. I'm thrilled we're up to 140 followers.  I never imagined that many of you would want to know what I'm up to.  Seriously.  I am grateful.  So, keep spreading the love, and hang in with me while I attempt SYTYC.  I have some fun ideas to share...even if I don't make it far, I'll post them here.  Happy Sunday!

2 happy thoughts:

Six in One Hand said...

You TOTALLY deserve it!!!!!

Susie Jefferson said...

I'm so happy my numbered comments tutorial worked for you - it's so frustrating when Blogger changes things and then they don't work... And thanks so much for leaving a comment or I wouldn't have found your site! I love the tips on tissue paper patterns etc, and am now following your blog. Congratulations on the award, you definitely deserve it.

Hugs from the UK.

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