02 April 2010

Bunnies from Envelopes ala Martha

Today I'm playing room mother for my big boy's 3rd grade class.  We'll be making these.  I originally found the idea on Martha, via One Pretty Thing

I've traced my templates and will add them to this post, mostly so I don't forget for next year.  I made a few changes to Martha's pattern, adding a paper nose and a pompom tail.  I did this for the simple fact that I couldn't find any pink pompoms in our little town.

They are easy to make.  Seal your envelopes.  Turn so the side is now the bottom, then trace the template for the ears on your envelope.  Cut out the ears.  You'll also want to trace on pink paper the inner ears and nose.  Cut those out, and glue in place.  Trace the eyes on blue paper, and cut out and glue in the appropriate spot.  I used a gray colored pencil to draw on the mouth.   For a finishing touch, glue the white pompom to the backside of the bunny.

Here's the template:

And to prove I don't always think of everything in advance, I have traced 24 sets BY HAND to be used today for my boy's class.  I'm sure there's a simpler way to do this, but I frankly didn't want to go back into town, OR use up all my printer ink.

We're also going to do a carry the egg on a spoon relay, and the perennial favorite, button button.  I'll try to get some photos of the mayhem to share. 

We've just hit 100 followers, WOW.  This sounds hokey, but I never really imagined I'd have that many folks interested in my stuff when I started blogging last summer.  Thanks for making me feel great about what I do. 

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