16 March 2010

Brother's gift for Sis

For Christmas, I helped my children make presents for each other.  The older two really enjoyed the experience.  So much so, that last week my oldest boy asked if he could make something for his sister's birthday.

On our way back to Idaho, we stopped at my parents' home, and they had a little get together to celebrate some family birthdays, including Sister's.  She received this from her grandparents:

All the older kids wanted to try the loom out, and big brother found a great idea in the instruction book to make a coin purse.  So, after Sis had made her first pot holder, Brother picked out the colors, wove the pattern, and I helped him finish the edges.   I taught him to do some simple stitches to hold it together:

Then, I sewed on a button, and we wrapped it up for Sister's birthday.  She was excited to find this:

It is so rewarding to help them show each other love this way!  Brother did an amazing job. 

2 happy thoughts:

Amanda said...

How cute! Good job, older brother! :) glad she had such a good birthday! Wish we could have been there!

Sarah said...

I love this idea! All kids like little pouches to put their trinkets in. I can even see my boys (6 & 8) making these for friends and each other. Great idea!

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