12 February 2010

I'm in LOVE and I don't care who knows it!

Ok, this may not be exactly what you were expecting.   However, I have discovered an amazing new to me kitchen gadget that I am SO loving.  It's this:
It's an 8 quart pressure cooker.  You can find your own here

This amazing pot was on special last December for $25.  I saw it on slickdeals, and since I'd tried canning last summer thought I'd really jump in this year.  So, I bought one, but had to wait for more to be in stock, so it didn't arrive until two weeks ago.  Then, last weekend, I pulled it out of the box and assembled it because I had these in my root cellar/crawlspace:


We stored the pumpkins we grew in our garden all winter.  It's a great place, and they kept well until I checked on them last weekend.  We'd had over a dozen to begin with.  Then we carved a few.  Then, I found out how much work it was to cook one, and got lazy.  Until last weekend...and I discovered several were growing mold, one had melted in a puddle, and four were still usable.  So, I hauled the nasty ones out of the dungeon (I mean crawlspace) to the trash, and brought up the last viable four.  Cue the amazing pressure cooker.  Instead of taking over an hour to cook per pumpkin, these babies were cooked to perfection in just over 20 minutes.  After scraping the flesh out of the rind, blending in the blender, and then letting the water drain, I had this:
The sweetest pumpkin puree EVER.

So, what's a girl to do with several cups of pumpkin?  How about this:

I used this recipe, substituting fat free sour cream for the half and half.   I love this pie crust. 
and this:
Mom's Pumpkin cookie recipe, I just substitute brown sugar and reduce the flour.

These were the best. pumpkin. treats., ever.  I've never used anything but canned pumpkin before, but I don't think I can go back now.  The flavor was so delicate and mild.  The pie was the best I've ever made.  Mr. Pickup usually doesn't say a whole lot about my cooking...he just dutifully eats it without a lot of comment.  However, he mentioned FOUR times how much he loved the pie.  Oh that he loved my whole wheat biscuits as much!  
So, if you have pumpkins in February that need to be used, I highly recommend a pressure cooker.  

It's also great for cooking chicken breasts, too.  In case you're like me and cook a pot of stuff ahead of time.  

Sorry it's been a while.  I had a midterm due this week...and life's been a bit hectic.  I am working on a baby shower gift for Saturday, and will share the tutorial tomorrow!

Have a great day!

2 happy thoughts:

Heidi Wilcox said...

YUM!!!! I want some :)

Kristi said...

Glad you shared your great find! I hear they are great for cooking dry beans in a snap as well.

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