11 January 2010

Teaching Creativity to my Son

One of the things I want most in the world is to make sure my kids know that they can have joy in creating things as I do.  This past week, my son participated in the Cubscout Pinewood Derby.  This was his creation:
His dad helped him to cut the wood, and cut the additional pieces.  He and his dad glued it together.  He sanded it, and then he and his sister did the paint job.  He named it "Abe" after the Abram's Tank.  I couldn't be more thrilled. 

2 happy thoughts:

michal said...

it is so great! I love it when kids create :-)

felicia said...

That's so cool! My son's pinewood derby was almost identical to your son's. And while he didn't win any awards for speed he did win a trophy for most patriotic.

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